Support Northwest Georgia Risings Stars Magazine!

Support Northwest Georgia Risings Stars Magazine!

First, we want to say thank you so much for supporting the Northwest Georgia Rising Stars Magazine. This publication has been a huge success among its target audience – the Bartow & Gordon county communities. Readers like yourself have been so generous in sharing your comments of appreciation and encouragement for this magazine and we want to thank you for that! However, like many local businesses, NWGA Rising Stars has been deeply affected by the pandemic as many of its advertisers have either been forced to close their doors or are struggling with reduced profits and are not able to invest as much in advertising dollars. As co-founders of this growing publication, we are reaching out to you today to ask for your help. If we are not able to generate additional advertising dollars, in all likelihood, we are going to have to discontinue publishing the magazine.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? For those of you who have enjoyed this magazine and wish to see it continue, we ask that you reach out to any businesses that you may know and encourage them to contact us about advertising space. We welcome any and all ideas and will find ways to make this a mutually beneficial partnership.

The sports and competitive programs that we feature are such an important part of developing well-rounded kids and teaching them important life lessons (i.e., hard work, commitment, working as a team, being a leader etc.). We want to continue to redirect the conversation from negative news and give our high school students, their parents, and fans a local publication that focuses on all the good things happening in the high school world and connecting advertisers to this type of content.

So far, we have been fortunate enough to put out 15 issues of the magazine, printing over 7500 hard copies a month as well as making Rising Stars available online through our website ( Unfortunately, as mentioned above, if we do not get monetary support from local advertisers, we are facing the very real possibility of having to completely shut the magazine down. As you can imagine, we truly don’t want to close up shop – so again we ask you to please share your enthusiasm for Rising Stars with your favorite local businesses & encourage them to contact us to discuss possible advertising opportunities. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. Together, we can continue to make a BIG impact by connecting area businesses with a local publication that is inspirational and most importantly, positive. Something that is needed more than ever right now! We deeply appreciate your support and any connections you might make on behalf of Rising Stars, where local students and their amazing stories will always be our focus.

Kind Regards,

Brian Pruett & Stephen Norton

Co-Founders, Northwest Georgia Rising Stars

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